In 2015 I graduated with a Masters Degree at Hyper Island, a Swedish creative business school.

Whilst studying at Hyper Island, I was fortunate enough to work on briefs for the NHS, Green Peace and Unilever.

For the final 6 months I conducted an 'Independent Research Project' on Human-Centred Design (or lack of it) in the Healthcare sector.


“What Impact Will Using New Design Tools / Methods To Engage With End Users In The Design Process Have On Creating Valued Services And Products For Salts Healthcare?

In recent years there has been a big drive towards involving patients in the design of healthcare services, with the aim of reaching a patient-centred healthcare system. However, the actual practice of these aims has largely been seen as “tokenistic” in many quarters, due to the prevalent “one-off” nature of such patient involvement.

The aim of this 'Independent Research Project' is to look at how end users are being effectively engaged in the design process within the healthcare industry, and with this research help to answer the question, “What impact will using new design tools/methods to engage with end users in the design process have on creating valued services and products for Salts Healthcare?”

The research involved semi-structured interviews with service designers from around the world and a focus group with members of the Salts Healthcare team in Birmingham, UK.

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